Friday, June 7, 2013


                Acne mape leather jacket, Kenzo tiger sweater, ASOS white collared shirt, Le Specs 'runaways' sunnies, Sportsgirl clutch

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I honestly could not see myself in any other color besides black this Winter but surprisingly, I am utterly diggin this whole 'white on white' look. This current 'white on white' trend is so clean and fresh and it also signify purity, a sense of innocence. Ironically, I think wearing all white is quite solid and daring haha you would have to be extra careful and cautious not to leave a mark or else it'd be way too obvious. Besides that, I don't mind putting this trend up for a test! Time to make room and welcome some new white pieces into the wardrobe this Winter!

Here are some pictures I have gathered through tumblr and blogs, enjoy! :)

The first 2 images below is one my favorite stylist and blogger, check out her blog here:

Thursday, May 30, 2013


 My current A/W ’13 collection aim towards a conservative and architectural approach, much similar to FINSK which is where I draw my inspirations from time to time. How did my latest collection come about? Well, I like to begin my design process with a basic style for this Autumn/Winter (rather much winter in Melbourne) so I automatically thought, wedges and platforms which also provide women the extra height they need, like myself. I then incorporate my style into the design and work my around it. This season I want to offer women a minimalist range with a slight edge for a bit of appeal. I am a firm believer in ‘less is more’ so I want to be careful with color and material choice, thus why I chose black.

Adding a focal point to all my designs is really important as it delivers a signature of
KIMSHU. The main focal point in this collection is the hardware at the beginning and end of each shoe. 
Versatility is also another important factor which reflects on wearability, therefore my collection is designed to be worn for every upcoming autumn and winter. My designs are steered away from what’s on trend; I’d like to fathom the idea that my innovations are fashion-forward.

Once again viewers, I would love to hear your feedback! Thank you for your time :)

back-zip wedge booties

back-zip ankle platform
sling-back wedge booties

front-zip ankle platform

back-zip wedge pump

block heel pump

Illustrations from my latest collection KIMSHU A/W '13

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Australasian Association Fashion Show '13

I'm so thrilled and honored to be apart of the Melbourne University Aa Fashion Show 2013. It was an amazing night and an unforgettable experience!

Seeing my designs up on the runaway for the very first time was such a joyous moment of my life. I'm so proud of how far I've come and achieved, it's only just the beginning of KIMSHU!

I'm glad to have met and mingle with other designers weeks before the show. It's great having company where we all shared something in common which was translating design in our own individual styles. Congratulations designers, the night truly marked a commencement of whats to come in the future for us all!

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Australasian Association for having me, you guys did an outstanding job! Cheers for an eventful night! :)
With two other lovely featured designers
Left: Jessica-Anne Lyons 
Right: Melissa Tidah Him
My supporters of the night, love you guys! :)
An interview I had which will be aired on a channel I completely forgot...too much champagne! :(
Random shots on the night
Model: Mackie Tang
KIMSHU leather zip collar and cuffs
Model: Jiin Kim
KIMSHU transparent studded collar

Photos taken by Cookeimages & Facets photos

Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm so flattered to be approached by a friendly and lovely Melbourne street style photographer, Liz Mcleish on Flinders Lane last week. Thank you Liz for these amazing shots! Check out her website for more street style snaps :)
Wearing: Nicholas leather biker jacket, Staple top, Otto denim, Carvela platforms, Sportsgirl clutch, Sabre sunnies, YSL ring 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Based on his design concept, Thierry Lasry has executed the definition of perfection when it comes to designing 'futuristic vintage' sunglasses. With all of his sunglasses being enitirely handmade in France, Thierry Lasry use the finest materials to deliver exceptional quality. 
I found it so amusing that he mimicked his first and last name by giving each frame a provocative title, all ending in 'Y'... 'orgasmy', 'porny', 'slutty', 'sexxxy' etc. haha! Thierry Lasry, you are one 'kinky' designer! ;)
I first spotted Rihanna wearing the Thierry Lasry 'Orgasmy' awhile ago, I knew I had to set myself on a hunt for these perfect classic chunky cat-eye sunnies. To my surprise, Melbourne barely stock Thierry Lasry sunglasses at the time. I did come across Lenko boutique that offered his designs but they didn't have the 'Orgasmy' :( The good news is, Thierry Lasry can be found in numerous of stores across Melbourne now such as Green with Envy, Moot and Miss Louise just to name a few. 
I finally found 'Orgasmy' at Moot in the black which happens to be the last pair! I seem to have such luck when I shop, ha!
I believe it's worth investing in a good pair of sunnies that won't date and serve as a complimentary to most/all outfits. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I am super dooper excited to announce and introduce to y'all the designers behind 'Aacute'! Accute is based in Melbourne that consists of 3 sisters who work hard together to produce beautifully handmade jewellery and quality candles. They're most known for their geometric shapes and bold, bright neon pop colours. I was so thrilled to meet and speak to Julie who is the co-founder and head designer of Accute. And yes, I had endless of questions! With encouraging and inspiring answers, I was so driven minded to get back up on my feet and continue on working hard towards my future goals. 
It was quite comforting to know that we both value and appreciate the quality of something that's been handmade. 
After speaking with the Accute sister's, I was looking forward to customising my very first Aacute necklace. I already had an idea in mind and wanted to go with a monochrome/ombre look. And to my surprise, the outcome was way better than expected! Julie generously added glittered specs to spice up the necklace. I am so stoked to wear my Accute necklace and show it off! It's gonna go so well with a lot of my outfits.
Within the first couple of hard working months, the growth of Aacute are running smoothly and successfully. They have been featured in Frankie Magazine, Melbourne weekly, mX and a couple of local newspapers.
It has been decided that Aacute and I will be doing a mini collaboration in the near future! :)
For more info on Aacute, check out their website
An illustration and design of my customize necklace.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hi everyone! I've been keeping myself busy and motivated for the past couple of weeks by designing and producing more different collars. I wanted to play around with as much material as possible to expand my ideas and to see which materials works best together. My latest design is the Mesh leather collar, it was a bit of a pain to work with due to the lack of strength it had. I had to double up on the mesh to give it more structure and support. The edges was the final and most challenging stage, it took me a great amount of time to come up with a pattern that I could easily work my way around as well as accomplishing a clean-cut look. At the end of it all it was a success! :)
My second collar (below) took me the longest to make. I had difficulties handling and sewing the zip on the most because it added an extra layer which applied more thickness to the leather whilst I was sewing. For me, sewing a round edge is harder than a pointy edge because you have to maintain a consistent and even pace when you sew. Above it all, I'm pretty satisfied with the collars I've made and still have A LOT to learn. I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts if you have any :) I will try my best to update my blog more often and produce more goodies! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013


KTZ has officially scored itself on my Top 5 favourite designers. I am completely mind blown by their glorious SS13 collection. The amount of detailing is just incredible! I am in awe of the intricate work, everything just ties in together beautifully. The whole lacing and the way it forms is very well structured and captivating. I'm so speechless...just wow. Keep an eye out for KTZ, they could possibly be the next Alexander McQueen!