Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I honestly could not see myself in any other color besides black this Winter but surprisingly, I am utterly diggin this whole 'white on white' look. This current 'white on white' trend is so clean and fresh and it also signify purity, a sense of innocence. Ironically, I think wearing all white is quite solid and daring haha you would have to be extra careful and cautious not to leave a mark or else it'd be way too obvious. Besides that, I don't mind putting this trend up for a test! Time to make room and welcome some new white pieces into the wardrobe this Winter!

Here are some pictures I have gathered through tumblr and blogs, enjoy! :)

The first 2 images below is one my favorite stylist and blogger, check out her blog here:

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  1. I am also digging this white trend! It makes your outfit so neat and stuff, but I am always pairing it with black, as I can't go a day without black in my outfits! Btw your blog is on point! Got yourself a brand new fan and follower X