Sunday, March 24, 2013


I am super dooper excited to announce and introduce to y'all the designers behind 'Aacute'! Accute is based in Melbourne that consists of 3 sisters who work hard together to produce beautifully handmade jewellery and quality candles. They're most known for their geometric shapes and bold, bright neon pop colours. I was so thrilled to meet and speak to Julie who is the co-founder and head designer of Accute. And yes, I had endless of questions! With encouraging and inspiring answers, I was so driven minded to get back up on my feet and continue on working hard towards my future goals. 
It was quite comforting to know that we both value and appreciate the quality of something that's been handmade. 
After speaking with the Accute sister's, I was looking forward to customising my very first Aacute necklace. I already had an idea in mind and wanted to go with a monochrome/ombre look. And to my surprise, the outcome was way better than expected! Julie generously added glittered specs to spice up the necklace. I am so stoked to wear my Accute necklace and show it off! It's gonna go so well with a lot of my outfits.
Within the first couple of hard working months, the growth of Aacute are running smoothly and successfully. They have been featured in Frankie Magazine, Melbourne weekly, mX and a couple of local newspapers.
It has been decided that Aacute and I will be doing a mini collaboration in the near future! :)
For more info on Aacute, check out their website
An illustration and design of my customize necklace.

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  1. It looks like you came out of a fashion magazine cover! Can't get over how cool the glasses look on you :D