Saturday, May 11, 2013


Based on his design concept, Thierry Lasry has executed the definition of perfection when it comes to designing 'futuristic vintage' sunglasses. With all of his sunglasses being enitirely handmade in France, Thierry Lasry use the finest materials to deliver exceptional quality. 
I found it so amusing that he mimicked his first and last name by giving each frame a provocative title, all ending in 'Y'... 'orgasmy', 'porny', 'slutty', 'sexxxy' etc. haha! Thierry Lasry, you are one 'kinky' designer! ;)
I first spotted Rihanna wearing the Thierry Lasry 'Orgasmy' awhile ago, I knew I had to set myself on a hunt for these perfect classic chunky cat-eye sunnies. To my surprise, Melbourne barely stock Thierry Lasry sunglasses at the time. I did come across Lenko boutique that offered his designs but they didn't have the 'Orgasmy' :( The good news is, Thierry Lasry can be found in numerous of stores across Melbourne now such as Green with Envy, Moot and Miss Louise just to name a few. 
I finally found 'Orgasmy' at Moot in the black which happens to be the last pair! I seem to have such luck when I shop, ha!
I believe it's worth investing in a good pair of sunnies that won't date and serve as a complimentary to most/all outfits. 

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