Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hi everyone! I've been keeping myself busy and motivated for the past couple of weeks by designing and producing more different collars. I wanted to play around with as much material as possible to expand my ideas and to see which materials works best together. My latest design is the Mesh leather collar, it was a bit of a pain to work with due to the lack of strength it had. I had to double up on the mesh to give it more structure and support. The edges was the final and most challenging stage, it took me a great amount of time to come up with a pattern that I could easily work my way around as well as accomplishing a clean-cut look. At the end of it all it was a success! :)
My second collar (below) took me the longest to make. I had difficulties handling and sewing the zip on the most because it added an extra layer which applied more thickness to the leather whilst I was sewing. For me, sewing a round edge is harder than a pointy edge because you have to maintain a consistent and even pace when you sew. Above it all, I'm pretty satisfied with the collars I've made and still have A LOT to learn. I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts if you have any :) I will try my best to update my blog more often and produce more goodies! 


  1. In love with your designs right now!

  2. Totally see you dominate this area in the fashion industry, cant wait till you get there

  3. Those collars are to die for! I would give anything to have them all! Seriously Kim, keep persevering, you'll go far! It's going to be a pleasure to review your collections in the future (aspire to be a fashion journalist :D) X