Saturday, January 5, 2013


KTZ has officially scored itself on my Top 5 favourite designers. I am completely mind blown by their glorious SS13 collection. The amount of detailing is just incredible! I am in awe of the intricate work, everything just ties in together beautifully. The whole lacing and the way it forms is very well structured and captivating. I'm so speechless...just wow. Keep an eye out for KTZ, they could possibly be the next Alexander McQueen!


  1. I need this in my life.... Those shirts.

  2. I loved this collection so much, even managed to catch the show at LFW in September hah.

    It's really different from their normal stuff, they've really evolved from their earlier style!

  3. Lucky you!

    I wish I lived in London to be a part of the LFW show :(

    I'm sure after their SS13 collection, KTZ are going to be big! Their shoes are amazing!