Monday, June 25, 2012


3.1 Phillip Lim

OMG. As a kid i've always wanted overalls and up until now i still want one but never really came across one that caught my eyes. I'm quite picky. But these 3.1 Phillip Lim leather overalls are AMAZING. This is my ideal overalls. It's black, leather, simple and clean cut. Oh god i want it so bad.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Outfit of the day.


Hey guys! So this post will sum up the things i've purchased in the past 2 weeks. I have been dying to shop way before that due to the MID-SEASON SALES thats been happening EVERYWHERE! Plus i've been working heaps so i needed some shopping-therapy :) let's begin!

Ok so here I have hand picked my favourite items that i've purchased in the past 2 weeks. The leather bomber jacket and black tailored tuck leggings i bought today. You won't believe this, the leather bomber jacket is 100% real leather and it's original price was $670, i bought it on sale for just $100 dollars!!! I REPEAT! $100 DOLLARS!!! couldn't be any happier! :D the leggings was also a bargain, it was originally $145, got it for $50! oh the joy of buying expensive goods for at such cheap prices :)

I bought these amazing transparent Prada sunglasses on my break when i was working last Monday. I had my eyes on these when it first came out in 2010. I remember looking at the tag and thought 'i will never ever get my hands on these :('. Anyway! so during my break i came across it and went fucking CRAZY! didn't think they'd still existed :O i quickly looked at the tag and it read '$99' OMG... O_O another thing you won't believe, it scanned at $49! and it was the last one! My heart just died a little. Pretty sure it was fate that bought us together <3

My favourite lipstick for Winter. Christian Dior Hypnotic red. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hello! Had work yesterday until 9pm so I didn't have the chance to blog :( but here's a quick update of yesterday. I rocked up 15 minutes early before work and quickly dropped by a jewellery store. Within 15 minutes, I managed to pick up 3 rings and a necklace. Score! I then hurried back to work :B

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Bought these shoes on the weekend, actually i bought 2 pairs of shoes on the weekend but i shall post the other pair tomorrow. Anyway! i've never been a fan of Creepers, always thought they're more for emo's or punk/rock lovers but these are pretty awesome! my favourite feature of the shoe would have to be the zip running along the edges at the top part of the shoe. These babies will definitely go well with most of my outfits. Can't wait to wear em! :D

Here's an outfit I have in mind that will go with my new Creepers :) what do you think?


I received this box a few days ago on Tuesday at roughly around 9am in the morning. I had a day off at work and it was a nice, bright sunny Tuesday but i decided to stay at home because i knew my early birthday present was coming hehe :) Opening the box was a challenge, it felt like a game where you had to go from one stage to another to get closer to the prize! There was so many layers! i took my time because i didn't want to ruin the ribbons or scratch the box haha look at how nice the box is and the ribbons and bows! even better, it's all BLACK! here are some pics of whats inside.

Surprise! Surprise! My sister got me a YSL Arty ruthenium-plated glass ring :) best early birthday gift ever! Thanks Sis! xoxo


Hello there bloggers and non bloggers! Welcome to my blogspot! :) It has taken me a couple of months to decide whether or not i should create a blog, in the end a few of my friends have convinced me to soooooooo enjoy! Before i blog away il just quickly intro myself, my name is Kim and i'm from Melbourne and i only have ONE big dream and that is to become an inspiring, innovative and successful shoe designer! My blog will mainly consist of everything that expresses me :) so stay tune, kickback and hope you enjoy! Cheers! xx.