Thursday, August 2, 2012


                   For my 21st birthday, I'm throwing an 'American Theme' house party with just a small group of close friends. I decided to go with American theme because there's SO many options! Really excited to see what everyones dressing up as on the night. 

I'm dressing up as Uncle Sam! :)

I ordered 3 USA buntings 2-3 weeks ago and they won't be arriving on time so I forced myself to make my own buntings. It was so time consuming! But the hard work sure pays off, I'm really happy with the result :) There was some left over fabric so I made use of it by tying big bows behind the chairs.

Stocking up on dranks and preparing to get fked up. Looking forward to sipping on Rekorderlig and not so much of Vodka. The smell of Vodka makes me want to hurl so bad.

Double choc chip cupcakes baked and ready to be eaten!


  1. Everything looks soooo cool. Can't wait man omggggg gonna get majorly effed up ;)